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The Quietly Shrinking Federal IT Budget

By Shawn P. McCarthy

Like a glacier that once was expected to grow, but ended up receding instead, the U.S. Federal Information Technology budget has quietly reversed its course, trickling slowly downward over the past three years.

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The U.S. Fiscal Cliff: Over the Edge for IT?

By Thom Rubel

With budget sequestration looming, the IDC Government Insights team is frequently asked about the implications for IT and IT spend by both government clients and vendors serving government. Do we think it's disaster for IT? We've projected our thinking in our Top 10 Predictions for U.S. government in 2013. The relationships between sequestration and our predictions are fairly sypatico.

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Recently, a group of IDC Government Insights analysts (myself included) from the US, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Middle East and Africa conducted research on 69 cities as examples of the progress of Smart Cities in Western Europe. Our hypothesis was that given the serious economic turmoil occuring in the region, Smart Cities funding and development would slow in 2012. We were proved wrong and we think our findings, to be published soon, will be of interest to many cities in EMEA and in the EU.

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