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Smart Government Blog Launches Today

By Heather Karki

Dear Government Group Members: We have combined the Government focused blogs into this one "Smart Government" blog. Please subscribe by hitting the "subscribe icon" if you are not already so you do not miss a single conversation! - Community Manager

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Initial 137 Federal Data Centers to be Closed

By Shawn P. McCarthy

In late April the U.S. Federal CIO's office named the first 137 out of a planned 800 government data centers that will be shuttered as part of an extensive cost cutting effort. In fact, 39 of them reportedly have already been closed, many of them at NASA. Closures so far roughly equal the square footage of 5.5 football fields. The 137 identified centers are shown in an Microsoft Excel table that can be downloaded via the link below. All will be closed by this December. An additional 663 or so data facilitie

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 On April 28, 2011 Jacob Lew released an OMB memorandum Implementing Telework Enhancement Act of 2010 IT Purchasing Requirements, giving agency CIOs, in coordination with chief acquisition officers, 90 days to develop or update policies on purchasing computing technologies and services to enable and promote telework. Additionally, purchasing policies must address the information security threats raised by use of technologies associated with telework. While telework can produce resource savings and r

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