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It seems like this is the perfect week to talk about what happens when two powerful opposite forces meet, in light of the weather we're experiencing in the U.S. this week - rampant tornadoes.  In nature they're destructive, usually in a negative way.  I'm thinking that for government IT, the convergence of cold budget news with a hot government IT environment is likely creating some destruction that, overall, is positive.  Some of the casualties of the destruction: duplicitous data


I suppose that depends on what "improve" really means in this instance.  A lack of sufficiently skilled purchasing professionals in government and poor information about spending that prevents evidence-based buying decisions are just two of the criticisms levelled against the UK public procurement process.  Duplication of administrative effort and unnecessary (and costly) tendering are also high on the list of things that need to be changed in the UK Government IT procurement process.  UK Pri

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For the last year or so governments have increased efforts to become more transparent by making information available about their agency decisions and operations, have increased public participation in government, and initiated plans and deployed nascent endeavors to collaborate and cooperate across all levels of government to better serve their constituents. Yes, these three are the Open Government mandates for federal agencies, but also, state and local governments have voluntarily embraced these ten

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Google and FISMA: Missing the Letter of the Law

By Shawn P. McCarthy – 8 Comments

UPDATE [4/21, 2011]: Microsoft announces FISMA certification for its competing BPOS-Federal product suite. (See 4th comment - below this main article.) UPDATE [4/15, 2011]: David L. McClure, GSA's associate administrator for citizen services tells Congress Google Apps for Government is undergoing FISMA re-certification based on the additions Google made to the product. This certification is not yet complete.  UPDATE [4/14, 2011]: GSA declines to provide a definite "yes" or "no" answer to the question o

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"Line of business and program owners will take the driver's seat for guiding the strategic selection of information technology." (from our 2011 goverment predictions.)  Evidence is emerging.  The U.S. federal Office of Personnel Management recently released a draft proposal for public comment that would create the new title for federal IT managers: IT Program manager.  The proposal includes a position description: “The IT program manager coordinates, communicates, and integrat

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