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Although not government in its truest sense, when a rail system is state owned as SNCF is in France, I consider that I have the right to believe that its systems might just be indicative of other systems in the public sector.  Europe has an excellent rail network – high speed trains move people across the continent very comfortably.  But sometimes, the lack of interoperable booking systems make life very difficult, as they did for me this week.

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Smart Government: Where to Start

By Thom Rubel

Is "smart government" an oxymoron?  Information technology isn't completely intutively smart (yet), and governments don't typically get accused of being smart, but put the two together and I think there's a real chance it could happen.  Make that SHOULD happen.  The government IT market is one of the largest vertical markets globally, and for good reason.  Governments are trying to get smart by being efficient and effective at what they do.  While they have a mixed track r

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