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A List of Cloud Solutions Offered by Federal Agencies

By Shawn P. McCarthy

Science fiction author and futurist William Gibson once said "The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed." The same could be said about government cloud-based IT solutions.  While others have been debating the future of cloud systems in the public sector, a few organizations have been out in front, building and offering their own cloud solutions. Here's a brief list of notable government cloud-based services. As the list below shows, the Defense Information systems Agency (DISA

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Is it Time for FISMA to Fizzle Out?

By Shawn P. McCarthy – 2 Comments

As government agencies move toward cloud computing and more complex systems -- systems which may have business processes embedded into service oriented architectures -- it may be that FISMA will lose traction as the best long-term solution for keeping government systems secure. The Federal Information Security Management Act was signed into law in 2002. The law stressed that information security is an important part of the nation's economic and national security. FISMA rules require each federal agency to d


The recent global recession has increased public scrutiny and accountability demands on the IT budgets of government organizations. Paradoxically, these organizations are increasingly under pressure to raise service competency and productivity. This cost and performance management irony has propelled public agencies to look to other technological alternatives, such as cloud computing solutions.

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