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Faced with what must appear to be an almost impossible task of eliminating a public sector debt of  £903.0 billion (62.2% of National GDP) Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron is introducing cost cutting measures almost every day. Under fire from all directions, the UK government is struggling to deal with achieving 25 - 30% across the board cuts in spending.  That's the good news, some reports suggest that the target reduction will be increased to 40% before very long. The Government has

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Defense Secretary Robert Gates delivered an IT wake up call this week in two separate messages. The IT structural organization may not be appropriate to support DoD's mission and it's likely that some operations wil be consolidated and/or eliminated. (The Flap) Insourcing isn't delivering as expected. (The Flip) Bravery is alive and well in the military, ala Secretary Gates, and I think he's half right (The Flap).  The message sent chills throughout the military and contracting community.  The Nor

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Waste Not, Want Not - A $110 Billion Worth

By Adelaide OBrien

Did you ever dream of what you might do with "found" money - that is money that was returned to you after you sent it to the wrong person or business? Or a refund for a bill you paid for services that you never received? Our government has an opportunity to "find" $110 billion of our hard earned taxpayer money, and reuse this money to deploy government mission and better serve citizens.

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