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Smart Cities...Who's Got the Smarts?

By Thom Rubel – 2 Comments

I'm intrigued by the "smart cities/smart connected communities/intelligent infrastructure" nomeclature that's popped up in the last couple of years.  I remember my old days (10-15 years ago) in transportation when "intelligent transportation systems" emerged.  At that time, it was basically a bunch of technologies developed by the defense industry looking for a new home in civilian government since there wasn't much going on in the world warfare department.  These days, they're demo

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TV White Space - The New Government Wireless Net?

By Shawn P. McCarthy

The future of city-wide government wireless networking, including smart grids, may very well be found on television. Actually, it may be found within the so-called "white space" of this country’s television broadcasting system. By the time the United States switched from analog to digital TV broadcasting in February 2009 several computer companies had already lobbied the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to open up portions of the old analog space for other types of uses. The FCC did several tes

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We all know that well-implemented performance management increases the likelihood of successful implementation of IT programs. What caught my eye in the title of this article Federal procurement officials not ready for Web 2.0, survey says -- Federal Computer Week , was the reference to Web 2.0, and survey results that reveal  “While nearly half of federal procurement professionals want to improve transparency, most are not ready to leverage Web 2.0 technologies or invite citizens to partici

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