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Tagged Data Authority Engine - Let's Build It!

By Shawn P. McCarthy – 2 Comments

This week, IDC Government Insights introduces a concept that we’re calling the Tagged Data Authority Engine (TDAE).  We’re also issuing a call for government-wide coordination that can help build the actual set of solutions that the TDAE proposes. The idea behind the TDAE is to improve the quality and accuracy of data that is shared between federal agencies and also between local, state and national government entities. The need for this type of solution is increasingly important as the gov


May 6th has been set as the date when UK voters will go to the polls.  The campaign is expected to be dominated by the economy, public services, and taxes.  The economic downturn has hit the UK particularly hard and the growing budget deficit could reach 12% by the end of this year.  In an environment where no party is the clear leader, there are many tough issues to be debated.  Although IT is not usually considered to be a hot political issue, in this campaign it could easily become a

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