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How "Smart" Can IT Be?

By Thom Rubel

Governments are looking for ways to get their economies rolling again and rebuild their treasuries.  Internally, they can focus on reducing operational costs, but what about the external?  Do they have the luxury of making significant new IT investments to spur their economies?  Probably not.  But we suspect that it's not a matter of making new investments, it's a matter of actually using what's under their noses begin to create the "smart" communities, cities, and regions that are emerg

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Blueprint for Gov Data Center Consolidation

By Shawn P. McCarthy

In recent years system and data center consolidation has been a hot topic In the federal government. But how does a government agency actually embark on such a complex journey? Since everyone’s systems and long term IT needs are different, it has been difficult to recommend one unified approach to trimming system complexity and redundancy. Finally, there is a process in place for federal agencies. The Office of Management and Budget, along with the Federal CIO Council and Federal Chief Information Off

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March Madness for Government Games: Who Wins?

By Adelaide OBrien

We knew that it was coming, directions from the White House through OMB regarding the use of games and contests to spur innovation. This administration is a proponent of deploying contests such as those initiated by Federal CIO Vivek Kundra when he was chief technology officer for the city of Washington, D.C.  His Applications for Democracy contest solicited the creation of open source mash-up applications to provide the public with easy-to-use-and-view information, such as "D.C. Historic Tours," an ap

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