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The Open Government Directive is the hottest IT buzz in and around D.C. and agencies are heads- down creating their Open Government Plans while inviting dialogue on ways to improve public access to data, what new data sets the public wants/needs to be published, and how to improve public understanding of what each agency does. As it turns out, opening government is not only a good thing for constituents, but a good idea for government as well.

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Are you exploring shared services for your government agency? If so, here’s a troubling fact: If you were to gather a roundtable of government tech experts, with the intention of discussing and planning for shared IT services, one thing would quickly become apparent. Every participant is likely to have a slightly different definition of “shared services,” and some significantly different ideas on how such services should be implemented. That's challenge one, ambiguity. Challenge two is ine

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    Jason Bremner says:
    Having a IT plan that aligns to the strategy of the government is an important success factor based on digital transformation initiatives by Canadian governments. The City of Mississauga, Ontario adopted a Smart City Framework, which led to a Connected City initiative and a significant investment in IoT technologies and services. And the Province…
    5 months ago
  • The Role of Governme…
    Thomas Ward says:
    FYI -

    Federal CIO says 'digitization of everything' will help enhance cybers
    Lessons for Govt Transformation (IT) collaboration / P3 vision -
    IT/Workforce Transformation of the USG
    5 months ago

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