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The ‘Social Age', or ‘Social Computing’ has brought about unprecedented transformations to the way APEJ public sector agencies function, learn and collaborate. These forces, previously known to be 'foreign' to conventional practices, display considerable strategic potential if effectively managed.

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Once every few years an IT vendor files a lawsuit which that represents a much larger issue than just the concerns outlined within the suit's pages. The recent disagreement between Google and the Department of the Interior is just such a suit. No matter which way it's decided, this disagreement marks the beginning of a major discussion on cloud-based government IT services. Cloud solutions are a rich landscape -- growing in size every week. Many vendors want a piece of this market, and we expect to see a wi

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“It Is Wiser to Find Out Than Suppose”

By Adelaide OBrien

The recent article, The Federal Coach: Managing the fear of cutbacks among federal workers – by Tom Fox provides advice to government workers who worry about losing their jobs due to the current climate of calls for a smaller and more efficient government. To offset government workers’ fear of joining the ranks of the unemployed, Mr. Fox reminds the reader of a Mark Twain quote, “I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” I’ll add my

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The results are mostly in from last Tuesday's election and it's quiet out there on the government IT front, with the exception of an occasional state CIO resignation and interim appointment.  There are 29 new governors.  At the federal level leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives changed hands with a total of just over 20% new members.  So far in snooping around the government trade press and blogs all I'm really seeing is pretty much a recap and some pondering, so I'll add to the po

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