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As I await the results of the UK Government's Spending Review I'm pondering some of the comments made in an IT vendor sponsored webcast I tuned in to yesterday....things like "we need to focus on simplification, standardization, and innovation"....and "business needs to be more involved in IT planning" .... and "doing things differently can result in a better solution".  I'm sure you've all heard these things too, probably for as many years as I have.  So, I have to ask why does it continue to be

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Election 2010: Is IT a Winner?

By Thom Rubel

With the 2010 elections two weeks away, I've been thinking about the future of information techology (IT) in government.  There's much excitement, anxiety and anticipation about what's to come from this election.  Interestingly, too, there's been some evidence on the impact of IT in elections.  Social networking played a very big role in the 2008 Obama campaign, which rallied and moved it's supporters through messages of "hope and change".  This year, the Tea Party movement is employing

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List: US Tech, Feds Who Helped Chile Mine Rescue

By Shawn P. McCarthy – 4 Comments

The world watched this week as 33 Chilean minors were brought back to the surface of the earth, after being trapped underground for over 69 days. Viewers may not have realized it, but they also watched  American equipment and expertise in action. This list helps recognize those from the U.S. who contributed. First, let's acknowledge that the rescue in Chile was very much an international effort, with dozens of countries providing the people, equipment and know-how that was needed to conduct this compli


How much leaner can the public sector get?

By Jan Duffy

The UK government has been -- and is expected to continue to be -- a key buyer of IT, but there is no doubt that the world has changed.  Savings of some £3.6 billion (approximately US $5.6 billion) or more than 22% on current IT budgets have been mentioned as being required to meet government targets.  No matter how quickly you say it, whether it is in pounds sterling or US dollars, it's a lot of money!


In ZDNet's September article "Cheap Hardware Infects Government Agencies", the Australian shadow defence minister David Johnston was reported to make a stand on introducing new cybersecurity powers into the Trusted Information Sharing Network (TISN) for auditing government departments after ministerial advisors reported that various agencies have bought cheap IT hardware loaded with malware.

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