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10 Big Issues for Cybersecurity Czar Schmidt

By Shawn P. McCarthy

The new federal cyber security czar has his work cut out for him. But he can make huge strides if he first focuses on the ten security issues listed below. This week the White House appointed Howard A. Schmidt to the Executive Office of Policy. He will serve as President Obama’s Cyber Security Coordinator. Schmidt has worked with the White House before. He joined President George W. Bush’s team after 2001’s 9/11 attacks –  to focus on multiple security issues, and he previously

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Lessons Learned in Government Social Networking

By Adelaide OBrien – 6 Comments

At the recent Government CIO Summit in Lansdowne Virginia, all the buzz was around social networking. Start a conversation about the challenges of complying with ARRA reporting, you quickly segue into transparency of data, and that brings the conversation to open government and using social networking to communicate with citizens, and across government entities. IDC Government Insights research shows that the most popular tools used by government are blogs, wikis and Facebook. All levels of govern

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Can SaaS Solve the Very Complexity It Has Created?

By Shawn P. McCarthy

“Infrastructure management as a service.”  That might just be the next wave to emerge from the movements known as software as a service (SaaS) and “everything as a service.” System consolidation and spiraling complexity are the catalysts that are starting to make infrastructure management an actual subscription utility, and this is especially true for government IT operations. In theory, system consolidation should make day-to-day operations easier for government IT managers. Bu

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