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Engagement is critical to a healthy relationship between the government and its citizens. Governments need to constantly monitor the usefulness, satisfaction, and trust levels associated with online applications and then to refine them based on the findings. Over the past few years much energy has been directed towards service delivery designed with the citizen at the heart.  Do you believe that citizens really believe they are the focus of your services?  Or, do they feel as though they are on th

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What Does Government See in Transparency?

By Thom Rubel – 2 Comments

Transparency is all the rage in government these's "good government."   Federal and state governments are rushing to put it all out there, but I think there's not enough focus on how to get the most out of transparency.  I recently moderated a panel at the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) annual meeting and had the opportunity to present polling questions to the audience, which was made up of state CIOs, state agency representatives, and IT vend

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