Federal Cloud Spending - Obscured by a Deepening Category Called “Other”

By Shawn P. McCarthy – February 3, 2016
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Here’s a quick lesson on how to track government technology spending.
1) Follow the money.
2) Understand the official definition of what is being purchased.
3) Note the location of where the money has been spent. (Assuming that it's accurate. More on that below.).

These three steps are more challenging than you’d think, but they remain key for understanding how and where the U.S. federal government is directing its money. The problem is, for federal cloud computing solutions, these details have become a bit hazy. Cloud categories that were once clear have been changed. It’s a troubling trend because spending on cloud computing is growing. For fiscal Year 2016 it will top $6.7 billion. That’s roughly a 70% increase of FY 2015 cloud spending.


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