Cuts, Growth and Shell Games: The FY 2017 Federal IT Budget

By Shawn P. McCarthy – February 19, 2016
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Budget numbers aren't always what they seem, and the proposed U.S. federal Fiscal Year 2017 IT Budget really isn't as bleak as it looks. But we need to dig a little deeper to fully understand the numbers and the potential growth.

First, let's get the (seemingly) bad news out of the way. On paper, it appears that the proposed information technology budget for FY 2017 will increase to $89.8 billion, a 1.3% increase over the 2016 request. That's not a terrible level of growth, but it's a far cry from a few years ago when federal IT budgets tended to go up 4% to 6% each year.
What's more important is where that money is slated to go. Finding that information is more challenging than it should be, and it's why we spend a great deal of time "following the money."


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