Building a Research Toolkit for FITARA Compliance

By Shawn P. McCarthy – September 30, 2015
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One of the main goals of the Federal Information Technology Reform Act (FITRA) is to both rethink and restructure the way the U.S. Federal Government buys information technology.
To respond to the requirements of FITARA, federal agencies must plan and implement new policies, processes, and reporting structures which will help to ensure FITARA compliance. Being able to do so is an important part of each agency’s commitment to ongoing acquisition and operational management success. As we have said before, FITRA is the hammer that makes sure agencies comply with streamlined procurement regulations.
But compliance is far from an easy set of tasks. So to help make this transition a reality at government agencies, we are suggesting the following “Research Toolkit for FITARA Compliance.” Many of the requirements related to FITARA require a deep understanding of transformational processes. Thus it’s worth calling upon the deep expertise of a wide variety of skilled people who have identified and leveraged transformational technologies for a number of years.


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