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Some additional musings on the future of payments inspired by a lonely payphone at "The Happiest Place on Earth."

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Workforce optimization tech provider Verint has undertaken a fascinating initiative to document and improve the way it engages its customers across all of the industries it serves, including financial services. This initiative, which they call the Customer Experience Journey, although created with the humble goal of improving client relationships, has far-reaching implications for the highly-regulated financial services industry, where vendor partners have become more and more strategically important to the institution, and where IT providers have come under increased scrutiny in the context of 3rd party risk.

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IBM's World of Watson

By Michael Versace – 4 Comments

IBM's Watson Group is just about 18 months old now. This past April the Group held its inaugural World of Watson event in the Duggal Greenhouse in Brooklyn to showcase Watson, its partners, the earliest production applications, and an impressive overall ecosystem of developers and startups. Here are a few highlights of the event. [We have a complete, integrated IDC report on IBM Watson developments in production right now, authored by Dave Schubmehl, lead cognitive research analyst at IDC, Greg Gerard, covering Watson Retail, Allan Louie and Cynthia Burghard on Life Sciences and Health, where IBM reports significant progress in genomic and cancer research and, myself, covering digital strategy and risk opportunities in full pursuit by IBM Watson in all sectors of the financial services industry.] Look for that report on in the very near future.

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