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On Disney, data and the creepy factor

By James Wester

The issues of safeguarding consumer payment information is only the first step in the evolution of payments. The next step is how do merchants, retailers and marketers use all that information in a manner that keeps their customers from being creeped out.

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Banking on a Huge Weekend In Sports

By Marc DeCastro

As a sports fan, my head is spinning. NHL and NBA playoffs are all going strong (despite my teams already being eliminated). The Kentuck Derby is this Saturday and so begins the quest for the almost 40 years elusive triple crown winner. A highly anticipated title fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao is on Saturday- a fight that has been five years in waiting. And finally, the NFL draft is also during the weekend. Top that, the Boston area may finally see spring and summer temperatures, and here I am thinking about banking.

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On the Promise and Perils of Big Data

By James Wester

The wonders of a big data world may bring with it a host of questions that will need to be answered.

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