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Disruption Defined

By Jerry Silva

We keep talking about disruption as if it was a singularity with standard, globally accepted boundaries around it that let's us all see it in the same light, as the same thing. But while writing on the next ten years of IT disruption in banking, it turned out to be an exercise like that undertaken by the six blind men describing an elephant; is it a wall? a spear? a snake? a tree? a fan? or a rope? It turns out, of course, that it's all of those, and can only be really seen in its entirety.

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Clearly I Am Not Yet In a Mobile First Mindset

By Marc DeCastro

Age is something that one can never truly run from. During this brutal winter in Boston, with over 110 inches of snow in less than two months, I realized that I was not 25 anymore. In fact, I hyper-extended my thumb trying to start a friends snow blower that put me in a splint to help ease the pain, but not the embarrassment of not getting injured doings something way more cool than starting a snow blower.

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Several of my colleagues and I met with senior folks from BBVA headquarters today to catch up on their IT transformation journey, since we published a case study on their Alnova implementation in their BBVA Compass brand a few years ago. I'm sure my colleagues will each have a different take away, but what I found most impressive, probably because it brought me back to my management consultant roots, is the importance BBVA has placed on organizational design as part of their IT transformation. I've covered how critical people and processes are to successful IT transformation in several of my blogs and research focused on transformation, so it was very exciting to see such a textbook case today in BBVA.

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