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RDAR – Execution Falling Short of Vision

By Michael Versace

The second progress report from banking supervisors of the Basel Committees signals a longer than planned and potentially more costly endeavor for most institutions to strike a suitable compliance stance on risk data management. Vision, without execution, is hallucination

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Suddenly the world of mobile payment in the U.S. becomes very interesting. And not a moment too soon.

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You Call This Simple?

By Marc DeCastro

So often we hear about mobile payments being the holy grail for things like splitting a lunch bill - but I am here to tell you that so far it just is not that simple.

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Are Privacy Clouds Far Off?

By Michael Versace – 2 Comments

New identity protocols continue to propagate the risk landscape, some more open and de-linked from specific transactions like payments, others deeply embedded in payment schemes, such as EMV. The newest of these open, P2P protocols (actually a complete scheme) in pilot is Identity Mixer from IBM Research Zurich.

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