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This year's Super Bowl will feature plenty of hype and a halftime spectacle featuring Katy Perry and (no kidding) digital payments. And there might be some football too.

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At the end of every year, my colleagues and I compile IDC's annual thought leadership report series that explore specific themes, organizational attributes, and actionable strategies that will underpin financial institutions' successes as they chart new courses of growth for the upcoming 12 months. We likewise did this same exercise last December, with the insurance piece written based on perspectives gleaned from interactions with insurers and technology vendors through the course of the past year.

In this 2015 report, we noted that even as global insurers continue to be plagued with challenging perils – ranging from needing to reengineer or rebuild legacy applications, to countering mounting insurance fraud, – they are also being presented with amazing growth prospects. The technique then, is knowing where and how to seek these pockets of sustainable, profitable avenues amid economic uncertainty.

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Bank IT Buying Insights

By Karen Massey

Happy 2015! Right before the holidays I published the results from the 2014 IDC Global Technology and Industry Research Organization (GTIRO) Survey, so I thought I would remind folks to take a look in case you missed it in the holiday madness. The survey is U.S. based and includes 200 bank end users/IT buyers at all sizes and types of banking institutions.

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