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This past May, data privacy laws and practices took an interesting tact toward the rights of individuals to be known and or not known to Internet search engines. On the heels of a case dating back to 2010 involving a Spanish citizen who filed a complaint with the National Data Protection Agency against a Spanish newspaper, Google Spain and Google Inc, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled on May 13 2014 that Google cannot escape its responsibilities before European law when handling personal data by saying it is a search engine. In this case specifically, the Court of Justice ruled that data protection laws apply and so does the right of this individual and others to be digitally forgotten.

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When Personalization Is Not Creepy

By Marc DeCastro – 2 Comments

Having dinner with some friends recently, the concept of how creepy it was that organizations were data mining and using your personal information came up. I sat quietly eating my fish and chips and my friends continued their rant. So that started me thinking - when is personalized delivery OK and when is it in fact creepy?

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Uberfying everything

By James Wester

As the car service rakes in funding it has become the poster child for all sorts of disruption, including payments.

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Will "Virtual Teller" work a second time?

By Jerry Silva

SunTrust Bank will be installing 35 video teller stations in 2014. They're not the first, but they are the latest large bank to experiment with this new format. Banks have tried combining technology and staff before, and failed to see adoption. The question is, will consumers bite this time around?

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