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Smarter Risk @ IBM Vision 2014

By Michael Versace

Smarter Risk had the top bill at IBM Vision 2014. The Business Analytics division is the source for much of IBM's Smarter Risk innovation, generating $16B+ in business over the past year for this part of the software division run by Alistair Rennie, GM for IBM Business Analytics and Marc Altshuller, Vice President Product Management. Risk Analytics was one of four major tracks at Vision 2014, accompanied by adjacent solution and customer sessions covering developments in Financial and Operational Performance Management, Sales Performance Management, and Disclosure Management.

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Apple has had a unique role by owning the entire ecosystem their customers use. It's a role that could give them significant influence in payments. But with the reported release of an Amazon smartphone imminent, they may not be so unique.

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Is The Branch of the Future Here?

By Karen Massey

I started my career in retail banking in the late 1990's with a consulting firm specializing in achieving efficiency and cost savings in the branch network. Quite honestly, despite all the hype of the "Branch of the Future" projects we worked on all those years ago, the branch today looks remarkably the same. And because "Branch of the Future" became so overused and under-delivered, the mention of the phrase began to, and still does, cause some eye-rolls.
But is the branch now at an inflection point? Could the branch of the future be on the horizon?

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