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It's Not Only About Software

By Karen Massey

Two interactions among many with clients last week have me thinking about how institutions should approach technology modernization. This thought is really in line with my post earlier this month on "People, Processes, and Technology", so you can probably guess where I'll be going with this.

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Bitcoin faces new IRS rules and "skepticism" from billionaires but could still be the platform that exciting new products are built upon.

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Most are aware by now that Windows has said that April 8th marks their last day of officially supporting Windows XP. Much to the chagrin of those who run an ATM network, today the majority of ATM's out there are still running Windows XP. What will this mean on April 9th?

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The fraud analytics market has become supercharged over the last the 3 months. With both incumbent application and infrastructure providers and new entrants touting big data, analytics and modeling integration, and visualization capabilities and services, all appear centered around the need to establish the emerging "predictive" components of enterprise fraud decision management. This set of current and emerging capabilities, packaged for unique and common fraud use cases in banking, insurance, healthcare, retail and government markets, are being designed and offered to provide visibility, insight, and recommendations for "intelligent" fraud management.

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Tackling the Brave New World in Insurance

By Li-May Chew

Worldwide Globalization Survey: 2014

A variety of forces - chief amongst them globalization, consumerization, and technology enablement - are compelling insurers to re-think their go-to-market approach and in that process, create a completely new world in insurance. For instance, when we talk about insurers having to navigate though unpredictability of the current post-crisis era, we note that a protracted slower growth is making it more challenging to sustain revenue momentum domestically, even as hyper-competition continues to compress margins. Forward looking insurers are hence increasingly looking beyond the comforts of home ground for potential cross-border revenue streams.

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