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We at IDC Financial Insights are in the midst of several research initiatives looking at IT transformation across the multiple areas of financial services. I personally am focusing on core banking and other back office functions. One thing has become glaringly evident concerning IT transformation – Modernization and improvement initiatives must include three components to be successful – People, Processes and Technology – as we stated in one of our Top 10 Worldwide Predictions for 2014.

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The Heart of Bitcoin is Still Beating -- Part 1

By James Wester – 3 Comments

Even though Bitcoin is experiencing some "difficulties," what makes it a breakthrough development for payments is still worth defending.

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Asian Financial Services Congress X

By Michael Versace

"The impressive performance of Asian financial institutions in recent years has placed the region into a prime role in global financial services. The region's banks and insurers will increasingly define the industry for years to come — its pace of growth, its priorities, its governance, and even its technology adoption. As our region continues to mature, Asian financial institutions will go for a different route to success as they open themselves up to new markets and pursue new drivers of growth and performance." – IDC Financial Insights Singapore 2014.

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Online Banking Security Concerns

By Marc DeCastro

How concerned are people about security when it comes to online banking transactions? What level of responsibility does a consumer have to protect their information? In my years as a banker, I have seen customers write in permanent ink their PIN code on their debit card. I have seen individuals write their passwords down on a piece of paper and tape them to their monitors. But how many customers understand how to properly configure their home routers to prevent fraudulent attacks? What can banks do to further reduce their customer's chances of being victimized?

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