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Mobile POS Is Growing Up

By James Wester

With its push into international markets, Square joins the ranks of mobile point of sale providers moving beyond transactions and into bundled services for small businesses.

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Spending time in the Cloud(s)

By Karen Massey

Last week was a whirlwind of travel. Boston to San Diego for FICO World, then San Diego to Chicago for BAI Retail Delivery, then Chicago back home to Boston. I certainly spent a lot of time in the clouds gathering frequent flier miles, but bankers and vendors at both events were talking an awful lot about cloud.

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Game of Threats

By Jerry Silva

(Full disclosure, clever title, but not mine)

One of the challenges for the Chief Security Officer is convincing his or her executives of the unpredictable and potentially catastrophic nature of cyber attacks directed against the organization. The rules are constantly changing and many attacks are invisible to the CSO until some real damage has already occurred. During the PwC analyst day in Boston on Oct 28, I participated in a "gamified" demonstration of an experience that simulated a cyber attack, with one participant playing the role of the hacker, and the other, me in this case, responding as the CSO. The demonstration was eye-opening, and made the normally conceptual event more real and thought-provoking.

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Recently, a couple of us from IDC Financial Insights went to check out one of three new CapitalOne 360 Cafes that recently opened in the greater Boston area. We went there unannounced and wanted to see how this branch model differed from the traditional branch model. We were fortunate to be able to speak to Theresa Lugo, a cafe associate who helped open this location.

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