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I'm missing OpenWorld 2013 this week to work the CIO Asia Summit in Hong Kong. These CIO events bring together a good mix of in region business and IT leaders for cross industry discussions on enterprise-level business challenges, the technologies used to best serve customers, evolving vendor ecosystem needs, skill set maturity, regulatory changes, and other topics that inform our research agenda and market intelligence in real-time.

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Let's Chat

By Jerry Silva

I’m the new guy.

Given my age and how many years I’ve been in financial services and research, I certainly don’t feel like a new guy, but there it is. And at the risk of sounding like my father, I thought I’d make my first community “share” about one truth I’ve learned over my many years in this business.

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  • 50 to 60 Billion Dig…
    Michael Versace says:
    This just popped up again.  Am interested in updating this forecast.  Would anyone be interested to renewing the model?
    5 months ago
  • 50 to 60 Billion Dig…
    Michael says:
    25% and we're there, mark of the beast. Finally! 
    5 months ago

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