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There are many reasons why most organizations are not marketing on the mobile device, but are there times when it might be not only acceptable, but preferred by your customer? Do we have the correct analytical systems in place to truly provide a value to our customers? I think right now there are more questions than answers for most banks and credit unions looking to go beyond mobile banking.

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Similar to what the Internet has done over the past decade, the social Web - including social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn), micro blogging sites (e.g. Twitter) - and blogs such as this - has the potential to completely transform the way organizations conduct their businesses. As a matter of fact, the uptake of social media has been so explosive that Facebook, currently claims to have a user base that technically makes it the third largest country in the world!

Social media is becoming increasingly pervasive even for corporates as social technology offers considerable promise in addressing their perennial goals for enhanced collaboration and communication, and increases productivity by connecting people, data and systems in a single system to facilitate ad hoc problem solving.

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