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As IDC and the Insight's groups are highlighting in their most recent mobile maturity model research, the increase and sophistication of mobile technologies is highlighting the need for business model transformation in multiple industries including financial services. Leading this change is the ultimate consumer who is enabled by mobile technology to dictate when and how they will interact with the marketplace at large as well as specific organizations. This shift has profound implications for many institutions in how they interact with customers, how employees deliver goods and services, and ultimately how IT needs to support both of these groups. The following sections highlight the impact of mobile on each of these three areas

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WW Risk IT Spending Trends, 2nd Edition

By Michael Versace

Last week we released our 1H2013 WW Risk Technology Spending Forecast, covering all regional financial markets. The new report provides an updated IT forecast for worldwide risk management software, hardware, and services 2013–2017. Several highlights from the report:

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