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It was the time of year again when my MD and I hosted a closed-door Roundtable session for Hong Kong's banking elite. 2012's session, held a fortnight ago, was attended by 15 business and technology CXOs from domestic and international banks headquartered out of Hong Kong, who together with three financial technology vendors came together to debate, discuss, and examine issues pertinent to banks in Hong Kong.

In light of weakened global demand and the risk of contagion from the resurgent sovereign crisis, this year's session seeked to incorporate views from industry practitioners on the new market dynamics that they were focused on — whether in cost management, rethinking business models and exploring new product opportunities, or via increasing scale — while simultaneously embracing the twin challenges from the global disruptions and technology-based innovation that confronts them.

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Starbucks Picks Square for Mobile Payments

By Aaron McPherson – 1 Comment

Yesterday (Wednesday, August 8) I went to New York for some meetings, and practically all anyone wanted to talk about was Starbucks' $25 million investment in Square, and their announcement that they would be using Square's mobile payment technology in their stores. Here's what I took out of it, based on my discussions and some of the more insightful articles I found on the Web.

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I spent the morning reading and highlighting the document from the NY Superintendant of Financial Services on its investigation of Standard Chartered's alleged thwarting of OFAC regulations. As a former bank operations manager, I am appalled.

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Targeted Marketing - Is It Really That Hard!

By Marc DeCastro – 1 Comment

How difficult is it for my bank or credit union to know a little bit about me before sending me emails, or greeting me at the teller line? Apparently it must be pretty difficult.

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