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IDC Financial Insights hosted the Analyst Venue of the FST Summit this month in Atlanta, Georgia. The centerpiece of the Summit was a roundtable discussion on IT Consumerization and Innovation, and the impact of 3rd platform technologies on technical and business architectures in operation throughout the industry today.

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Social networking in banking

By Bijen Ramdas

Customer engagement tool or distribution channel?

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Big Data and the Flip Side of Model Risk

By Michael Versace

Model Governance (n) - The processes, human capital, and technologies necessary to ensure that a high degree of reliability and integrity can be placed on an analytic model's information relevancy, the transparency of a model's assumptions, the completeness and comprehensiveness of a models accounting, and the communication of any uncertainty inherent in the model, its input data, or output analysis.

The flip side of model risk is model governance. Back to this in a minute....

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