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Last week I moderated an Information Governance meeting on the issue of big data and how to approach the trend and the technologies at enable it from what I described as traditional risk and information governance models. It was a great discussion and it further confirmed my thinking that big data governance is less about data management and more about analytics.

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We all know that during an employment application process, it is prudent to get as much information as possible. Much of this information is obtained during the application process, as well as through public records, but where does social networking information fit in this process and how is it that this data can both be a positive and a negative experience in the quest for talent?

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Last week SWIFT held its Operation Forum in New York. This is an event for SWIFT to showcase its capabilities and its vision to its members. Financial institution attendees are typically drawn from product, operations, and technology groups. These are the wholesale banking experts - the "in crowd" with lots of discussion about the nuances of messaging and standards.

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