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One our recent reports highlight top initiatives across the 12 financial markets within the APAC region and fortifies my opinion that the disciplines of risk and the role of analytics are quickly becoming the new core in banking - redefing in some sense what is "core" in banking and the set of capabilities that will differentiate those that thrive from those that fumble in an increasingly competitive market in this and other banking regions.

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Oracle Financial Services GBU Reports 1H Fiscal 2012

By Michael Versace

Last week, the Oracle Financial Services Global Business Unit (GBU) released operating results for the first half of FY2012.  Frank Brienzi, Senior Vice President of the GBU, S. Ramakriskhnan who leads OFSA Analytics and Don Russo who runs the Insurance sector all spoke enthusiastically of its performance, key wins in core banking, analytics, and insurance sectors, and recent innovation in OFSA/Exadata integration.

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Rarely do updates to pure tech standards get a lot of attention by the press and media, but the financial and tech firms behind the recently announced DMARC organization and the work of the IETF make this weeks announcement a little different.  Why so, you ask?

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