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Next: BYOiD

By Michael Versace – 6 Comments

Lots of interesting things to write about this month – risk tech predictions for 2013, recent headlines on the business of money laundering – HSBC, Standard Chartered style, Libor, Spain and the UK making waves to stay out of the Euro Banking Union, cloud regulations in the works, and a new set of research and 2013 predictions about the shifts that we see in the relationship between risk and the CIO, across several vertical industries.

But before all that, I wanted to get your reaction to a silent trend that I think is changing the "identity" landscape. We've labled the trend BYOiD, or Bring Your Own Identity.

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Our Predictions for Global Insurers in 2013

By Li-May Chew

Every year in November for the past six years, we have put together a document consolidating our thoughts and perspectives gleaned via interactions with insurers and technology vendors from Asia/Pacific on the core predictions to kick off the brand new year. This year, we have likewise done the same, but for the first time, expanded the scope to include comments for the global insurance industry.

We covered the top 10 principal macro, business, operational, and technology strategic initiatives for global insurers to thrive in the new normal economic environment in 2013. And what do we mean by 'new normal'? Well, with increased volatility and complexity, the markets have fundamentally changed, and one cannot expect the future to resemble the recent past. Businesses might be hard pressed to return to the normal 'business as usual' mode, and as a result, insurers will have to react by responding more quickly to both opportunities and threats, and by making efforts to identify trends and anticipate future changes.

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Yesterday, LevelUp announced that First Trade Union Bank of Boston, MA is to be its first bank partner. LevelUp, as you may know, is a mobile wallet provider using 2D barcode technology and merchant-funded offers. To date, most startups have ignored banks as potential partners, but this announcement suggests this might be changing.

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