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IDC Financial Insights Predictions Preview

By Jeanne Capachin – 4 Comments

As we approach the Predictions season here at IDC Financial insights, I thought it would be nice to take a few minutes to look back on 2012. One of the predictions we had last year focused on IT reliability, and this topic will influence our upcoming 2013 predictions as well. We predicted that in 2012, IT reliability would become a major risk factor, mainly due to the age and complexity of key systems. Sad to say, that we had some very public technology outages in 2012.

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Analytics To The Rescue - But I Feel Vulnerable

By Marc DeCastro – 1 Comment

In one day my primary debit card AND my primary credit card were compromised and while excited by the fact that both financial service firms identified the activity and were proactive enough to contact me and replace those cards, I just feel so vulnerable.

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