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On January 18, 2012, several of the most prominent websites on the Internet, including Wikipedia, suspended operations in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), currently under consideration in the House of Representatives.  While the main arguments against SOPA have been focused on free speech and fair use, I have not seen any discussion of a provision that bears directly on the payment industry: the requirement that payment networks refuse to settle transactions with foreign websites alleged t

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A Fast Start to a Full 2012 Global Risk Agenda

By Michael Versace

  We're off to a fast start to the Global Risk Advisory and Research agenda for the 2012 New Year, with a set of what is proving to be timely research recently published, and a handful of new reports either in production or in final analysis and preparation.  Here's a snap shot of what's new and what's currently in the pipeline:

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Missing That Human Touch

By Marc DeCastro – 8 Comments

Technology is great. Many of us have made a good living in the technology field, and all of us have benefited from technological advances since the beginning of time. But something happened to me the other day at my credit union that makes me wonder if technology has gone too far. Could financial service firms have "jumped the shark" when it comes to human interaction?

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