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Attended HP's Imaging and Printing Group's (IPG) Explore More Tour Day a few weeks ago, and among the many points I came away with was a newfound awareness and appreciation of the security risks for imaging and printing, especially around copy machines. While I think everyone in financial services appreciates the issues of printing sensitive documents to centralized printers, how many of us really think about issues ongoing? My thought is not many of us, so here in summary are some key risks/issues and some

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As incidences of operational risk intensify, their substantial cost and ramifications bring to light the undeniable correlation between operational risk management and sound business practice. There is thus an analogous need for Asian bankers to accelerate their implementation of operational risk management solutions. As such, I analyzed the principal operational risk solution vendors participating in the Asian market and the solutions they provide in a recent report, with the intent to equip banks with use

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Transaction Banking and Layered Security

By Jeanne Capachin

Businesses trust that their banks will to provide adequate security controls with their online business banking offerings, and the courts are making the first decisions now on legal responsibility when corporate customers are afflicted by online fraud. To make sure that banks are compliant with case law and FFIEC guidance, as well as adequately protecting the assetes of their customers, they must keep some things in mind.

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Figuring out a firms' total investment in risk management is partly art and partly science.  What are you spending on risk management these days?  No matter who I speak with, the answer is always it depends.

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As financial institutions continue to look at ways to control costs, HSBC recently has announced that they will be selling just about half of their branch network in upstate New York to First Niagara Friancial Group. In our annual predictions, IDC Financial Insights has been discussing the ongoing consolidation within both the banking and credit union industry - but what about consolidation within an organization? Will we now begin to see the branch naysayers start their "I told you so" rants?

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