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Are Banks Failing In Social Media Awareness?

By Marc DeCastro

On a warm summer night, my kids wanted nachos with cheese and beef for dinner. So, being the good dad that I am, I proceeded to pull out the necessary ingredients. What struck me was that on the back of the Tostitos brand tortilla chips, they had a fairly easy to see Facebook URL with the familiar blue F in a box. I chuckled and thought to myself, no offense to Tostitos, but who in the world would want to become associated with Tostitos on their Facebook acount?  Turns out - lots of people. In fact, wh

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The announcement at the beginning of this month by the NYSE, with its partners VMware and EMC, to place a set of its core trading risk and compliance applications on cloud infrastructure, offering risk as a service in a sense, set in my mind another significant stake in the ground on the interest and acceptability of cloud based services by risk managers.    In two new, specialized, high end datacenters, one in Mahwah NJ and the other just outside London, the NYSE Commercial Technology arm is

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While on their quest for growth and profitability, the ability of insurers to, among others - craft sustainable business models, take on operational and business process improvement initiatives, ensure compliance and prudent risk management practices, embrace innovation, and leverage off technology to create a more dynamic business framework - while, on the same vein, becoming more customer centric than ever will ensure that they stay a step ahead of competition and keep on a growth trajectory. But which in

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Perspectives from Panama - FST Latin America

By Michael Versace

GDS International held its latest Financial Services Technology Latin America (FST LA) Summit with IDC Financial Insights last week at the Gamboa Rainforest Resort, just outside of Panama City.  Colleagues David Potterton, Marc Decastro, Alejandro Florean, and I attended as Industry Partners, with over 70 financial services delegates from 40 Latin American institutions and representatives from leading technology providers making their mark in the region.  In addition to 3 days of lively dialogue o

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Mobile Wallets: The Importance of Offers

By Aaron McPherson

The week of May 23rd was a huge week for mobile payments announcements.  We had no less than three major announcements in the space of four days.  Two of these pertained to mobile wallets: one from Square, and the other from Google.  The third was a new person-to-person payment service, ClearXchange, jointly created by three of the largest financial institutions in the U.S., Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo.  Conspicuous by its absence was Citigroup; but as we shall see,

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We are thrilled to begin our 8th annual FinTech 100! The call for entries opened today, June 1, and we will be accepting applications through July 8, 2011. Entries received after this date cannot be guaranteed consideration for the FinTech 100 or Enterprise 25. Please see our FinTech landing page for details and link to the online entry. This blog serves to provide some additional information and a pdf of the survey (attached below) for those who would like to complete the information offline before going o

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