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WhyThe Fed Should Use Durbin To Push EMV

By Aaron McPherson – 2 Comments

On April 27, 2011, I participated in a panel at the Visa Security Summit in Washington, DC on the possible impacts of debit card interchange reform legislation (otherwise known as "the Durbin Amendment") on payment system security, during which I advanced a seemingly radical proposal: that the Federal Reserve could, and should, use the Durbin Amendment as a vehicle to move the United States onto the EMV smart card standard.  In this post, I will explain how I came to this conclusion.  If you would

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IDC's own Matt Eastwood was recently cited in a NY Times article around the recent Amazon outages and its effect on cloud deployment. Matt is quoted as saying "this is a wake-up call for cloud computing", and he is certainly correct that this will re-focus companies internal debate about how to deploy clouds and what data to keep internally versus storing offsite. In financial services however, this has always been the debate and the caution as FS firms look to take advantage of cloud computing.

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Remembering Bill Bradway

By Jeanne Capachin – 6 Comments

On April 2 IDC Financial Insights lost a member of its family with the passing of Bill Bradway. Bill was one of the founding fathers of FinTech research, and was a great mentor and friend to many of us both at IDC Financial Insights and IDC. Bill broke ground in the new field of FinTech research as one of the first employees of The Tower Group.  He then went on to become one of the founders of Meridien Research, and he was also part of the founding executive team for IDC Financial Insights. Bill truly

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Another FST Summit has recently concluded in Miami (April 5-7) and I thought I would share my thoughts on what technology professionals across financial services see as their main areas of focus. These include: Security – No surprise given the RSA intrusion as well as the Epsilon breach which happened just before the conference. Security however also extended into other topics of discussion at the conference; cloud, virtualization, mobile, and social media to name a few. These discussions also extende

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I attended the LIMRA-LOMA's 19th annual Strategic Issues Conference held in Beijing, China last week. (As you already know, LIMRA-LOMA is the world’s largest association of life insurance and financial services companies with over 1,200 member organizations from across 70 countries). The two-day session explored the fundamental realignment of the insurance industry, and the new game, new rules, and new reality within which the Asia/Pacific carriers are competing in. An interesting segment that caught

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