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One topic we're looking into in 2012 is the risk to critical infrastucture, specifically the infrastructure supporting financial services as a backbone for business.  Heading into 2012, we're seeing continued downward pressure on tech spending and growth. Current forecasts call for the growth in IT spending (see chart below) in US banking for example, to be to less than 2%, approximately half the growth seen in 2011. The sub-2% growth rate is one of the lowest rates seen in the past 10 years.

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Just published a new IDC Link titled " IDC Financial Insights' 2012 Predictions and Industry Q&A" and thought you might enjoy some of the questions and answers it contains.  Look forward to your comments. Regarding the struggle to find the optimal channel mix, what are some of the challenges financial institutions face in making that a reality? Part of the challenge is customer preference.  The trend towards self-service varies from region to region and, in emerging markets, the "alternative"

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For those of you who had registered for our webcast on December 6th and experienced issues, we have provided our predictions in the following formats: 1) The slide deck is available here as a PDF 2) The analyst commentary is provided through a video on YouTube. Thank you and we look forward to your comments and thoughts about our 2012 predictions.    

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