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Apple to roll out NFC: Will the Industry Follow?

By Aaron McPherson – 4 Comments

Interesting how things work out; just a day after I posted my impressions of the Starbucks Mobile App and wrote that it had sold me on 2D-barcodes as a better bet than NFC, Bloomberg came out with an article claiming that Apple is going to be pushing NFC in its next-generation iPhones and iPads.  Was I too hasty?  Is NFC now the wave of the future?

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Hands On With the Starbucks Mobile Payments App

By Aaron McPherson – 10 Comments

Last week, Starbucks announced the nationwide rollout of the mobile payments app it developed with mFoundry, which uses 2-D barcode technology (see example below) to allow your iPhone or BlackBerry to emulate a Starbucks card at the counter.  Ironically, although I have been writing about mobile payments since 2002, this was the first opportunity I have had to actually complete one in the real world.

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Over the past few weeks we've received 4 inquiries on treasury portal strategies - 3 from tier 1 and tier 2 banks, and 1 from a portal provider.   On the calls we covered corporate treasury needs and market drivers and competitive positioning of the providers relative to business size and industry in the US and offshore.   Technology and innovation was part of the discussion, as were the challenges that banks face executing effectively on delivery strategies.   Of course, these are

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Green Products: Coming to Your Bank in 2011?

By Li-May Chew – 4 Comments

We are now in an era where emphasis on environmental risks and sustainability has never been stronger. The information age has brought about unprecedented knowledge of the severity and implication of environmental degradation, while massive media coverage and proactive governmental policies have generated a high degree of environmental awareness among the masses in developed nations across Asia such as in Japan, South Korea, and Australia. Consequently, financial institutions are starting to jump onto the g

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From our conversations with banking executives in the past month, we note their observation that the industry has over time repositioned outsourcing as cloud computing, even though technology has advanced well enough to differentiate both. The rebranding of the politically contentious outsourcing to cloud computing continues, not only in financial services but in other sectors as well. Relative to outsourcing, cloud computing is a new term, and is less defined, confusing critics in the meantime. The initial

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Systemic Risk Councils vs ALCO?

By Michael Versace

The new Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC), comprised of some of our best regulators and focused on systemic risks to the financial system, was created by the Dodd-Frank Act and is charged with monitoring risks to the financial system.  Chaired by the Treasury Secretary, other regulators with a seat at the FSOC table include the heads of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp, the

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IDC Financial Insights has just published a piece on enterprise financial management. The thought behind enterprise financial management or EFM, is that for large institutions to have a complete view of their financial health, they will need to make some large scale investments in financial and data management solutions. It is also likely to require some organizational changes and support from the C-suite to make it happen. This powerpoint with audio provides some of the key points from our research.

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