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Harland Financial Solutions is hosting clients at its annual Connections Conference in Oralndo, FL this week. I've had the opportunity to meet with clients, staff and the industry glitterati like me. Yes, that is a tongue in cheek comment, but it's got a better ring to it than analysts, journalists, etc. The conference vibe has been a bit of a mixed bag – very much like we're seeing in the economy now, and probably reflective of the future that institutions can expect.

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Recently the American Banker wrote an article about a new site,, which is promoted as a mashup of social networking and microlending. After doing some digging on my own, and sorting out the complexities, I do not believe that this is a recipe for success.

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I just posted a new report for IDC Financial Insights customers outlining and describing our point of view on cloud computing in financial services. For those of you following our blog postings you've had some previews of our thinking in previous blogs, but the report goes into some more detail on definitions and the current state of the technology.

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Recently, an article appeared in the American Banker (subscription required) pointing out that the new Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act does a lot more than attempt to restrict debit card interchange.  It also tinkers with the rules for payment card acceptance, with a host of (possibly) unintended implications.

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    This just popped up again.  Am interested in updating this forecast.  Would anyone be interested to renewing the model?
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    25% and we're there, mark of the beast. Finally! 
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