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First Apple came out with the iPhone and it changed the landscape for mobile devices. People began to see the power  of TIME (technology, information, media, and entertainment)  converging  in a device that could fit in their pocket. Developers latched onto the popularity and now there is pretty much an application that will do anything from calculating nutritional values at fast food restaurants, to applications that utilize GPS to provide walking directions to the closest ATM. Early on, mos

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Bank of America, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and Deutsche Bank today announced formation of a technology buying alliance which they see as a way to reduce their infrastructure costs and forge ahead into cloud computing. What these banks are really fighting against are the hefty maintenance fees their technology suppliers are assessing.  They believe that by joining together,  they can force a change in procurement practices and move to more shared or even open source solutions when they make s

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The first quarter of 2010 is behind us, and it was a busy month for the FDIC shutting down 41 institutions. This was down from 45 in the last quarter of 2009, and 49 in the third quarter of last year - but almost double the number of failed banks in the first quarter of 2009  The cost of these failures however does appear to be stabilizing as: This is the fourth quarter in a row the cost ratio has either decreased or stayed the same. The cost ratio is determined simply by taking the cost of the failure

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P2P Payments: One Man's Experience

By Aaron McPherson – 12 Comments

Lately, I've been getting a flood of press calls and inquiries about P2P payments.  I wrote about the general topic in a link available to our clients, but something nagged at me: I hadn't actually done a P2P payment myself.  As luck would have it, on Thursday, April 8 I went out to lunch with some colleagues, and saw my chance.  I paid the entire bill with my Amex card, and told my lunch companions I would send them a bill via PayPal.  What follows is a chronology of my experience actua

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