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On January 26, 2010, two researchers at Cambridge University, Steven J. Murdoch and Ross Anderson, released a working paper with the provocative title, "Verifed by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode: or, How Not to Design Authentication".  It directly attacks 3D Secure as a poorly designed authentication scheme, and calls for regulatory intervention to protect consumers.  To what extent does the report raise fair criticisms, and how should the industry and/or regulators respond?

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FDIC Provides Q4 Bank Results

By Marc DeCastro

Chairman Sheila Bair of the FDIC gave her fourth quarter update on February 23rd regarding the state of the US Banks.  Here are some of the highlights.

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The new Credit CARD Act went into effect yesterday with many restrictions such as universal default, double-cycle billing, and overlimit fees. Aaron McPherson has a great post on the Credit CARD Act and his thoughts on its implications.  There were many professional opinions of how the customer will be impacted (the consensus – negatively via increased fees) and much talk about personal experiences. I’d like to look at two institutions that have generated some buzz – Citi and USAA, ea

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Longer Branch Hours and Deposits From Home

By Marc DeCastro

Last week I put together a rather informal survey on LinkedIn and asked the following: What's One Feature You Wished Your Bank Offered? The choices were 1) Deposit Checks From Home.  2) Video Banking from Branch. 3) Longer Branch Hours. 4) Debit Card Rewards. 5) Better Mobile Banking Options.  From the early results, I think some interesting trends have emerged. The facts: Respondents as of Feb 9th: 28 people Titles: 30% are C-Level, 10% management and 60% other categories Gender: 44% were females


In a press release yesterday morning and following an active rumor mill, Sybase announced its acquisition of Aleri. This comes less than a year after Aleri itself acquired CEP competitor Coral8, which we talked about in a blog last year. Don Deloach will be leaving Aleri and no other terms of the deal were announced, nor any specifics regarding this year's Aleri / Coral8 platform changes, code named Ohio. That leaves StreamBase and Esper as the last independents.

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