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Last week I hosted a webinar on emerging requirements in asset liability management (ALM) for the banking sector.   I also took the opportunity to introduce and collect feedback on global risk trends and our research agenda for the coming calendar year.  About 160 practitioners and vendors pre-registered and 60 attended the call - pretty good numbers considering the time of the year and the specialized nature of the topic.

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The Grinch's Banking Checklist...

By Marc DeCastro – 2 Comments

...squeeze margins....CHECK ...increase regulation further...CHECK ...decrease more non-interest income...CHECK ...get people to believe that banks are evil...CHECK


The SEC, CFTC and other agencies are grossly understaffed and overworked so will planned Wall Street reforms need to be cut? This might seem to be a ridiculous notion, but Capital Hill's rulings have called for a host of new mandates in short order. Dodd-Frank alone has 240 rule making provisions. In 2011 the SEC must write rules for OTC derivatives, private fund advisers, credit rating agencies, the asset-backed securitization market, corporate governance, executive compensation, and whistleblowers provisi

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Information Risk in the Wikileaks Era

By Michael Versace

The recent revelations about Wikileaks and its release of 250,000 confidential State Department diplomatic cables shines a new light on the challenges faced by the financial services industry in controlling information risks.  Growth in digital universe is already well documented, and recent reseach and analysis that I've participated in one form or another suggest the potential problems are getting more difficult to solve, not less.  For instance...


Recently, I had a conversation with a reporter talking about online retail trading, which I captured below. The call reminded me about some of the strategies and developments that have always taken place in business, but might not be so obvious. Specifically, I'm talking about the structure of a mature industry and the large eight hundred pound gorillas that dominate their markets. Then, unknown to or ignored by the gorillas are a set of smaller, ambitious, disruptive startups. These are the chimpanzees. Fo

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