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Consumers Make the Switch to Smaller Insitutions

By David Potterton

Although the national "opt out" protest did not seem to realize much success at airports this Thanksgiving week, it seems another form of protest has been taking root over the past year.  In the November 26 Boston Globe, there was a front page article entitled "Taking Discontent to the Banks", which documented poll results on why consumers have moved from national banking chains to smaller banks and credit unions.  While overall there was not a torrent of movement (14.4%), I was struck t

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In October IDC Financial Insights conducted a web poll of 385 individuals to determine if they were users of mobile banking. Fifty three of the respondents did indicate that they have in fact interacted with their financial institution using their mobile device. That would seem like great news for heads of retail banking who are finally starting to see some traction in usage and acceptance of mobile banking. However, what is interesting is that the vast majority of people who have used their mobile device,

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On October 28, after another week spent answering questions about the AT&T / T-Mobile / Verizon Wireless mobile payments joint venture that was leaked in Bloomberg seemingly eons ago (actually, it was August 2, 2010), I tweeted the following: @aaronmcpherson: I'm about ready to call AT&T/Verizon mobile payments JV a Bloomberg fantasy if I don't see some credible reports soon. Just hearsay so far. I don't know if someone saw this, but today I got my wish: actual confirmation, from the parties involve

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Last week I posted a poll with one simple question: "Historically, what technological advancement in financial services do you feel is the industry's biggest breakthrough?" The results are in, and contrary to this analysts opinion, the winner was Online Banking and Bill Pay.

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