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My alma mater Boston College (go Eagles!) held a first rate event on October 25th with heavy hitters Barney Frank, Sheila Bair and Paul Volcker addressing questions from a moderator and the audience for almost two hours. The venue was standing room only - indicating the importance of the Dodd-Frank Act to not only all of us currently in (or considering) the financial services industry, but truthfully everybody who is a part of the U.S. economy, and even beyond our borders. Bair and Frank made it clear that

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Historically, what technological advancement in financial services do you feel is the industry's biggest breakthrough? If you are on LinkedIn - please take this quick one question poll. Results and analysis will be published on the IDC Financial Insights Community.

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FDIC Agrees To Not Increase Premiums - For Now!

By Marc DeCastro

On October 19th, the FDIC announced that they are not going to increase deposit premiums for now - but this is really a temporary adjustment based on the fact that failed bank losses at the FDIC are not as high as anticipated. FDIC officials said they now expect to lose $52 billion through 2014, which is $8 billion lower than earlier projections.

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Banks and the Unbanked: Equilibrium?

By David Potterton

The Boston Globe today ran an interesting piece on a reporter relating her experience as one of the great ‘unbanked’. The story chronicled firsthand the costs and hassles of a financial life without a bank. Here at IDC Financial Insights, we look at how technology is being deployed (or not) to solve business issues and deliver customer value. In this story, however, technology is actually being used against the customer. The example cited is prepaid cards which, rather than making it more conven

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Top Reasons Why The Bank Branch Is Not Dead

By Marc DeCastro

Recently the ABA released their consumer survey that trumpeted the continued growth of the online channel, putting it ahead of the branch for channel preference. Those who are ready to turn all bank and credit union branches into strip malls and coffee shops, hold your horses. There are many reasons and facts why branches continue to live on, and will be integral going forward for successful institutions.  Here are a few of my top reasons.

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