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7-Eleven Interchange Petition: What Will the Impact Be?

By Aaron McPherson

National convenience store chain 7-Eleven announced last Friday, September 25th that it had collected 1.6 million signatures on a petition asking Congress to allow merchants to collectively bargain with card issuers on interchange fees.  The week before, on Thursday, September 17th, Visa released its own survey results showing that consumers don't want merchants to be able to shift costs to them.  Today (September 29th), MasterCard chimed in with its own survey results, again showing that when con

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Xerox and ACS: BPO takes center stage

By David Potterton

Xerox announced yesterday that it will acquire Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) and, in effect, enter the BPO space.  This acquisition follows Dell's recent announcement to buy Perot Systems and HP's buyout last year of EDS.  Why the recent moves into the services space?  Here are a couple of thoughts as it relates to financial services.

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Bank Sues Google For Employee Error

By Marc DeCastro – 2 Comments

So, let me get this straight.  A bank employee sends sensitive customer information to the wrong gmail account and they are upset at Google? This is the kind of story that makes IT managers reach for the Rolaids. Sure, we have all been guilty of inadvertantly sending out an email to "reply all", when we only wanted to reply to the original author. We may have even fat fingered an email address or two in our time and gotten back either an error or worse nothing at all.  But how can an employee be s

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Will Saas and Cloud make the Payments Leap?

By David Potterton – 6 Comments

While at SIBOS recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a round-table discussion sponsored by CA.  Joining me on the panel where senior payments/technology representatives from banks such as Barclays, BNP Paribas, Lloyds, and TD Bank. In the course of our discussion, we covered a number of cost/efficiency topics including Lean IT, outsourcing, and simplifying IT infrastructures.  However, it was when we turned our attention to Saas and Cloud that some interesting comments were made.

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For those of you who just can't get enough of our North American corporate treasurer's survey, here are some of the questions from our Webcast that we didn’t get to answer live. And, let me just say, "Wow!".

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Healthcare Payments

By Jeanne Capachin

I just attended and spoke at TAWPI's 2nd annual Healthcare Payments Automation Summit in Chicago. The event was characterized by very strong and divergent opinions, healthcare providers desperately searching for better technology solutions, and a dearth of healthcare payers.

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