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I just published a report analyzing some of the results from our first joint survey with Treasury Strategies. More reports to come, but we got this one out first as the findings are quite different from what we have heard in the past. SWIFT for corporates is gaining momentum in North America, with 1/2 of the firms responding (230 firms, all primarily doing business in North America) either interested, evaluating, or already using SWIFT for corporates.

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Information For 2009 FinTech 100 Rankings

By Marc DeCastro

Thank you for taking the time to apply for consideration in the FinTech 100 rankings for 2009. Your answers to this survey are placed on a secure server, are specific and confidential to your firm and may be saved and revisited until you are completely satisfied with your responses. With Financial Insights, American Banker, and Bank Technology News, the FinTech 100 for 2009 will categorize and evaluate vendors based on year-end adjusted revenues attributable to financial institution hardware, software or se

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Recent survey data around the current levels of satisfaction around digital services shows that there is a gap between bankers and customers, and where the banks are currently investing may suggest that the message has not gotten through to banks. Listen to our latest multi-media blog on our community (or download the file for those who can not access YouTube) and post your thoughts.

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On June 23, Microsoft will release the beta version of its free PC security service with the full version due by the fall.  Called Microsoft Security Essentials, this free service is said to be on a par with the quality and features of other anti-virus offerings - albeit with less features than other anti-virus providers (most notably Symantec and MacAfee) which currently charge for these services.


Barclays is currently suiting buyers for it San Francisco based Global Investors (BGI) unit, which would include the iShares business. Blackrock appears to be the leading potential acquirer (~US$12-13b) at the moment, but Bank of New York Mellon also looks to be in contention. Not but a couple months ago Barclays made it apparent that BGI was not going anywhere, but after refusing government funding to avoid the strings that come with it, the bank has found it more difficult maintaining adequate financial s

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Increasingly, Financial Insights is having conversations with banks and other financial institutions around social networking; the good, the bad, and the ugly.  The "good" is focused on the engagement and collaboration which financial institutions can achieve with social networking - both internally with their workers and externally with their clients.  The "bad" is the potential for risk, specifically reputation risk, which can occur in the blogosphere.  The "ugly" focuses on the fraudsters


Alternative payment mechanisms and credit systems might finally be coming of age as a way of monitizing software and services value on the internet. In the era of Internet 1.0 there was significant hype surrounding micropayments and the ability to charge users a small fee for accessing content. This subsided as it was much easier and cheaper for purveyors of content to secure ad revenues. With the recent economic shift there are new business and technical capabilities that mean the era of micropayments and

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It should not be a complete surprise. Last year, Microsoft announced that they would only make their personal financial management (PFM) software Money available for purchase via download. One year later, the software giant has announced the end of the line for the Microsoft Money PFM solution.

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